Sample Timeline

Sample Wedding Reception Timeline

Time Activity Notes
5:00 PM Guests arrive I’ve already set up my equipment!
6:00 PM Background music begins I typically play light jazz instrumental music, but other choices are available.
6:10 PM Grand Entrance introductions.  You can also opt to have the Bridal Party
introduced at the time of the Bridal Party Dance.
Introduction of parents & bridal party as they enter the room.  Some planning is necessary to insure proper pronunciation of names & coordinate the order of introductions.
6:20 PM Pour champagne Guests will need to be ready for toast as well.
6:25 PM Toasts & prayer before meal Perhaps parents, Best Man & Maid or Matron of Honor will propose a toast.  If no pastor or priest can lead the prayer, perhaps a grandparent.
6:30 PM Dinner I would be happy to excuse the tables for a buffet line to facilitate serving.
7:45 PM Cut the cake
8:00 PM Gather bridal party & immediate family to begin dancing Ask the Maid of Honor, Best Man to help get everyone in the room.
8:05 PM Bride & Groom first dance Let me know what your song choice will be.
8:09 PM Father/Daughter dance Let me know what your song choice will be.
8:15 PM Mother/Son dance Let me know what your song choice will be.
8:18 PM Bridal party dance Invite parents & entire Bridal Party to join you on the dance floor for your selected song.
8:24 PM Everyone invited to dance.  Variety of tunes to give
everyone an opportunity to get on their feet.
Give your guests an opportunity to get up and dance…they’ve been sitting for a while.
8:45 PM Bouquet toss
8:50 PM Garter toss
8:55 PM Dollar dance About 50% of receptions have a dollar dance.  Perhaps Maid of Honor & Best Man accept the money & control the length of the time each person dances, hopefully both lines ending at the same time.

9:15 PM

Celebration continues with opportunities for everyone to dance!


Many events are priced at $500 or less!

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