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GoodMusicDJ.com specializes in Wedding Receptions in West Michigan and in particular serving Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Ludington, Manistee, Cadillac, Traverse City and Petoskey!

Some events are priced at $500.00 or less!


You won’t find Good Music DJ.com at your celebration with costumes, funny hats or dancing on the dance floor.

The bride & groom should be the center of attention; not your DJ.


EQUIPMENT: Have you ever been to a wedding reception where the music was too loud or you couldn’t understand what the DJ said on the mic? Imagine a small radio turned up to it’s maximum volume. It sounds terrible doesn’t it? The reason is, you’re asking the radio to play beyond what it was designed for. The same can be said for many sound systems in the market today. Some disc jockeys select cheap equipment. The result is, the music reproduced is irritating to the guests, and they complain that it’s“too loud”.


Over the years I have invested many tens of thousands of dollars to ensure the highest quality music reproduction. For most events I use a very exclusive and expensive speaker system made by Bose. These speakers were designed for permanent installation in locations where the very best music reproduction was the highest priority. These speakers have been adapted for mobile use and over the years I have had many compliments from guests and customers that the music wasn’t “too loud”. Instead people can relax and enjoy the music the way it was meant to be.


Music: Good Music DJ.com is home to the “World’s Largest Traveling Music Library”. As of May 2012, I take over 100,000 selections to every event! Some DJ companies boast of an infinite number of selections, as long as you give them a list in advance. I invite my customers & their guests to make requests ahead of time, but I don’t place the responsibility of programming the entire event on the customer’s shoulders! I bring the largest collection of music that anyone offers! The benefit is that GoodMusicDJ.com can respond to music needs as they occur right on the dance floor! I’ve done all the work for you in advance. Click here to go to my Music page with more information & multiple lists of great music!


From my master library which contains even more than the 100,000 selections in my mobile library, I have compiled a “Select Music Library” which contains over 28,000 of the some of the most popular selections of all time. It is this list that my customers are able to view on my web site. Cards are also placed on every table for your guests to make requests.


I continue to update my “Select Music Library” weekly to ensure that it is the very best anyone can offer! To give you an example of the depth of this “Select Music Library”, there have been 4,303* songs that have made it to the Top Ten (Pop Charts) from 1955 through 2005. I have 97.77% of the Top Ten songs from 1955-2005 in my “Select Music Library”! Of course it doesn’t stop there, I will continue to add songs to my “Select Music Library” from the earliest of recorded music (1920’s) to today.


Keep in mind, this music library is not only the largest, but it is also of exceptional quality, and so well organized that I can literally locate and play any one of the tunes in less than 15 seconds! No one has better sounding music than GoodMusicDJ.com!


* Some songs that have objectionable lyrics or content are not included in my library. There are even some artists I will never play. I will not include those songs in my library nor will I play them at any event. If you have any questions about my policy, I will happy to explain my standards to you.

Some events are priced at $500 or less!

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