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A few thoughts about the Music

Click here to search the “Select Music Library” is home to the “World’s Largest Traveling Music Library”. As of September 2013, over 100,000 selections are in the mobile “Master Library”! Some DJ companies boast of an infinite number of selections, as long as you give them a list in advance.

I invite my customers & their guests to make requests ahead of time, but I don’t place the responsibility of programming the entire evening’s music on the customer’s shoulders! brings the largest collection of music! You can be assured that no one else offers the depth and variety of good music that does! So don’t worry about the music.

You can search the “Select Music Library” which contains over 27,000 of some of the most popular selections of all time*, by clicking the link above. To guarantee your guests will enjoy themselves, cards are also placed on every table for your guests to make requests.

* Some songs that have objectionable lyrics or content are not included in my library. There are even some artists I will never play. I will not include those songs in my library nor will I play them at any event. If you have any questions about my policy, I will happy to explain my standards to you.



Many events are priced at $500 or less!

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