MP3 File Organization 1.0

I wanted to write this blog article to explain some of the ways I organize my MP3 music library. I have 3 separate music “libraries”; my SD Library, Select Library & Master Library. The SD Library has about 3200 selections on 4 SD chips, my Select Library has about 29,000 selections, and my Master Library has over 100,000 songs which contain all of my music in one location. The Master Library has all of my music, the Select Library has all the songs I’ve selected to suit any music need, and my SD Library are the minimum songs I would ever take out for a job and are easily played on my American Audio SDJ-1 players. Each SD chip is a 4 gig high capacity, holding about 1000 songs apiece. So my Master Library has all of my music and contains both the Select Library and the SD Library, the Select Library also has all of the songs in the SD Library.

MP3 Basics: tag your files!

You must tag your MP3 files. All of my files are complete with ID3V1 tags that have the correct Title, Artist, Album (if appropriate), accurate Year it was popular or released (not the date a compilation CD or remastered version was released), and the correct Genre. For all of my songs that will end up in my Select, or SD Libraries, they also have Wally Code information in the Comment section of the tag. I know this takes a lot of time, but once the work has been done, it is part of the file & will be very useful in the future! If all of your MP3 files are properly tagged, it is easy to organize them & search for the right file with almost no effort. With every Mp3 file properly tagged it isn’t necessary to use additional software to view the information & sort & organize all the files. Here’s a screen shot of what some of my music looks like in Windows Explorer using Windows XP.

Screen Shot Cheat Chip 1
Click on the picture to view in detail.

You’ll see there are columns for any field I wish to display, and by clicking on the top of any column I can sort all the files in each folder, thereby allowing me to select and organize at will. With software such as MP3 Manager, I can have total control over tens of thousands of songs with just a click of the mouse.