Hey what about an iPod Wedding?

iPod Wedding?It sounds like a good idea

At first glance the idea of saving $800 on music for your wedding reception sounds like a good idea.  After all how hard can it be?  I’ll save the cost of a professional DJ & just use my own iPod.  I’ve got all my favorite music on my iPod.  All I need to do is plug in some speakers & I’m good to go.

In this financially challenging times, saving money by using some of today’s technology, can be a tempting proposition.  Many people now even have large music libraries that they listen to on a daily basis even on their smartphones.  Before you make an important decision like this, it is a good idea to think this through a little more in detail.  Very few people have an understanding of what is needed in terms of equipment, music library & the knowledge of how to put all these things together.

A closer look

If you’ve gone to other receptions, you may have had the all too common experience of a bad DJ service.  Perhaps the music was too loud.  Perhaps he didn’t know how to mix the music right & the dance floor cleared after every song.  Maybe you couldn’t understand what he said on the mic.  Maybe it all looked like they just loaded some speakers & stuff from their living room & stuck it on a table.  Without experiencing a quality DJ service, it is tempting to think, “I could do better than that!”

If you go ahead with providing your own entertainment, here are some things to think about.  Who is going to program the music?  Do you own professional quality equipment that is capable of producing high quality sound at the appropriate & necessary volumes?  Professional equipment like this can cost over $10,000.  Who’s going to set up the music system?  Who’s going to operate it?  Who’s going to take it down?  Who’s going to adjust the volume between the different song levels?  Who owns professional lights to visually stimulate dancing?  Since you don’t have everybody’s favorite music, who does?

What a Good DJ brings to your event

When you look back on your “perfect” wedding reception, you’ll reflect on fun that you & your guests had with the right entertainment.  Sure there are many elements that contribute to the joy of the celebration, but the entertainment is vital to the expression of joy your guests will wish to share with you.

A good DJ service, will have all of the following:

  • Professional sound equipment that will sound GREAT!
  • Professional lighting that will add a visual expression to the music
  • A complete music library to satisfy all of your guests
  • A professional appearance
  • The ability to interact with not only the bride & groom but all the guests
  • The talent to mix the music to keep the dance floor filled from the 1st dance to the last song of the evening.
  • Do all the work from planning, arranging, set up, take down & operation of the music, so as to cause no stress for the couple & their guests
  • The ability to pull of these things together

 When you think of all that a good DJ will do for you, $800 is money well spent!

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