Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Probably the first question asked most often. Unfortunately there’s no quick answer. It depends on your date, location, needs & other factors. A ballpark figure may be $100/hour.  Please give me a call!!! In just a couple of minutes, you’ll have your answer. No sales pressure! Call (231) 869-4678


What about your music collection?

Good Music DJ.com has the “World’s Largest Traveling Music Library”! Nobody can compete with this music selection.  Click on the GoodMusicDJ Library  on the Music page link above, to search neary 30,000 of the most popular tunes around.


Can we make requests?

The tools on this website enable clients and guests to easily search the online music library & select tunes at a click of the mouse. You can also exclude particular songs that you don’t want to be played.


How can I be assured of GoodMusicDJ.com’s service?

On the customer comments page you can view dozens of comments from satisfied customers. All past clients have been pleased with GoodMusicDJ.com’s service.

Click on the Testimonials page to read what past customers have said about GoodMusicDJ.com


Do you make announcements & have a mic for toasts & speeches?

Providing great music is just part of Good Music DJ.com’s service. As Master of Ceremonies, activities are coordinated and announcements provided. A high quality cordless mic is also available for toasts & speeches.


How do I book Good Music DJ.com?

One phone call determines your needs & after a price is agreed upon, a contract will be mailed for signature & a retainer of $100 – $175.00 is required to secure your date. The retainer is subtracted from the contract amount & the balance is due the night of the engagement.


Do you have lights?

A tasteful yet attractive light show visually compliments the music. Some events are booked without lighting, but most include lighting. When calling, ask if your price includes lighting.


Do you provide equipment & music for wedding ceremonies?

Yes. Having a wedding ceremony at the beach is becoming more popular. Call to ask if you want to include this additional service.


Do you provide DVD slideshow projector, screen & sound system?

Yes. For about $100 extra, I can provide a DVD player, projector, screen & hook up to my great sound system. I can also duplicate your DVD to give as gifts for your family for about $4.00 each.


Many events are priced at $500 or less!

Call GoodMusicDJ.com today to discuss your dreams and receive a quote for the happiest day of your life!

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