Complete DJ system for sale

GoodMusicDJ has one complete music system available for immediate sale.  I don’t expect many to be interested in this system, only one buyer is needed.  If interested, email me for additional details on what’s included.  Seriously interested DJs only.  At first glance this price looks ridiculous, but to a serious music lover, perhaps a DJ business with multiple DJs, further in depth study of what’s here, may prick your interest.

Here’s some of what’s included:



In the DJ Shuttle, the most important piece of equipment is the Denon DN-HD2500 with an upgraded internal hard drive with around 140 gig capacity.  It is loaded with over 30,000 of the most popular songs from the swing era to today.  All these files have at least partial Wally Codes, nearly all have complete Wally Codes.  One of the best features of this HD2500, is the ability to create & load playlists for just about any type of music you would want.  Some of the songs can be played by dialing up the Top 99 Fast, Top 99 Slow, Polkas, Top 99 Disco, Top 99 Fast from the 1990’s, Top 99 Slow from the 1980’s; you get the picture.  There are about 50 playlists created & loaded on this baby.

The second piece of equipment is the SDJ-1 with 4 SD chips loaded with over 3,000 of the most popular songs.  All include Wally Codes & a separate database with color coded organization of every song.

The Denon DN-X050 is included.

Your choice of either a pair of Mackie SRM-450’s (with stands) or Bose L1’s is included.

If the potential buyer does not appreciate what’s in the HD2500, then the price of $55,000 is ridiculous.  To someone who knows what GoodMusicDJ goes through to add music to the library for decades, this is a bargain.

If you think this is funny, share a link with others so they can get a good laugh too.  Maybe, one of them will see what a great deal this is.

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