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MP3 File Organization 1.0

I wanted to write this blog article to explain some of the ways I organize my MP3 music library. I have 3 separate music “libraries”; my SD Library, Select Library & Master Library. The SD Library has about 3200 selections on 4 SD chips, my Select Library has about 29,000 selections, and my Master Library […]

Top 100 Country & Western Hits of ALL TIME

DJ Music Library, Equipment & Knowledge for Sale has one of the finest & most complete music libraries in the world. This library includes, but is not limited to thousands of CDs, vinyl albums, 45s and over 100,000 files. In addition to the music library there are dozens of pieces of professional grade equipment. The price includes five days of orientation & […]

Ramsdell Inn & TJ’s Pub in Manistee recently provided the ceremony & reception music for a lovely couple in Manistee just about 2 hours NW of Grand Rapids MI, your Destination Wedding Paradise.

New Music Clipping & Dynamic Range

As professional entertainers, we care about the quality of our work. We spend countless hours preparing for events, & invest thousands of dollars, on lighting, equipment & music. It’s important to have the right equipment, so our clients & their guests, enjoy great music, & want to dance at their celebration. Great care is taken, […]

Complete DJ system for sale

GoodMusicDJ has one complete music system available for immediate sale.  I don’t expect many to be interested in this system, only one buyer is needed.  If interested, email me for additional details on what’s included.  Seriously interested DJs only.  At first glance this price looks ridiculous, but to a serious music lover, perhaps a DJ […]

Wally Codes Introduction

I’ve been DJing for dancing crowds in West Michigan since 1974. When I was still in high school I did my first Jr High dance & then began working for Greg Miller & Company in Muskegon, MI. From the beginning it’s been important to me to segue from to current song to the next without […]

Great new song by Civil Wars

Top 10 Bride & Groom First Dances

GoodMusicDJ’s music sounds better!